Jun 11 2021

Orientation workshop on Digital Skills Development and online public speaking for Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MoWA)

Sector: Gender-Based Violence (GBV)

Virtual workshop via Zoom

Purpose of event:

The purpose of event is to introduce the Smart Youth Competition Program that will focus on digital skills development and online public speaking.  Candidates will be informed about the importance and value of using online channels for effective communication in the context of COVID-19. Participants will provide their feedbacks to the working group in order to finalise the program implementation details.

Participants: Representatives from

  • Senior officials of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and the Secretariat of the Cambodian National Council for Women
  • DFAT/ACCESS, UNFPA, Recoftc Cambodia, UNIDO, and private sectors
  • MOWA Sub-committee on TV youth debate
  • 25 Provincial young official’s candidates

Chaired by: Ministry of Women’s Affairs

Co-Supported by: Australian Government through ACCESS Program, UNIDO, UNFPA, Recoftc Cambodia

Expected number of participants: 80