GESI Reflection and Learning Workshop

GESI Reflection and Learning Workshop

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) is an integral part of the Australia-Cambodia Cooperation for Equitable Sustainable Services (ACCESS) program to promote collaboration between the gender and disability sectors through the development of linkages between the Disability Action Working Group of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MoWA) and the Disability Action Council Secretariat General (DAC-SG). The two entities developed joint action plans and designed implementation aimed at promoting gender equality in the field of disability and fostering inclusion in gender-based violence (GBV) response services. Over the last two years, ACCESS provided financial and technical assistance to both partners in implementing the joint action plan, thus positively driving the convergence of these pivotal sectors.

On 18 August 2023, with support from the Australian Government, ACCESS Program organised a GESI reflection and learning workshop. The event gathered esteemed dignitaries from government counterparts, including H.E Nhem Morokot, Secretary of State and the Head of Disability Action Working Group of MoWA, H.E Chan Sotheavy, Under Secretary of State of MoWA, H.E Nhem Sochetra, Director General of Social Development of MoWA, H.E Prak Thaveak Pheary, former Deputy Secretary General of Disability Action Council (DAC), Ms Sor Sineth, Deputy Director General of Social Development of MoWA, Mr. Eam Sarath, Director of the Welfare and Rehabilitation Unit of DAC, Mr Srey Vanthon, former Technical Advisor, DAC, and Mr Sasha CIGLJAREVIC, Acting Team Leader of the ACCESS Program.

The objectives of the workshop were to present key achievements, good practices, and challenges of the implementation of the GESI joint activities and brainstorm on how to scale-up the GESI approach across sectors, including the governmental, Implementing Partner, and private programs.

Mr Sasha Cigljarevic, stated in the workshop: “…the great achievements of the collaboration between MoWA and DAC, especially in carrying out the priority joint action plan such as capacity development, educational material development, awareness raising, and advocacy etc., have truly contributed to promoting inclusion and gender equality in Cambodia.” Furthermore, he expressed his admiration for the ownership, leadership and robust partnership exhibited by MoWA and DAC, which have propelled the advancement of the rights of persons with disabilities and women in Cambodia. He also commended the joint efforts in combating all forms of violence against women and girls.

Throughout the day, the workshop facilitated in-depth discussions, enabling participants to identify key GESI strategies for the future. These strategies were shaped by insights garnered from analysing gaps, challenges, best practices, lessons learned and assessment recommendations.

This workshop stands as a testament to the dedication of all stakeholders involved in promoting gender equality and social inclusion. Through shared experiences and collaborative discussions, it further strengthens the commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable Cambodia.