Not giving up

Not giving up

The Australian Government is supporting Cambodia’s Persons with Disabilities Foundation and Disabled People’s Organisations to ensure that people with disabilities can access the services they need.

As Ms. Eng Mala from Kratie Province, told Ambassador Kang, “even though one may have a disability, one can still do the same work as others. Do not give up.”

Ms Mala was physically impaired at the age of seven. Her neighbours and classmates excluded her by engaging in activities that required greater physical ability. Attending a Physical Rehabilitation Centre (PRC) helped her gain confidence and strength.

Ms Mala is now helping others gain that same confidence and strength. She has completed a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting at the University of Management and Economics (UME) in Kratie and is the Database Manager and Stock Keeper at the Physical Rehabilitation Centre (PRC) in Kratie.

Her message to others is “if you are impaired, do not let weakness and struggles prevent you from reaching your goals to develop yourself and the community.”