Reflection on an Inclusive Commune Investment Plan (CIP)

Reflection on an Inclusive Commune Investment Plan (CIP)

Commune Investment Plan is a process of building development plan, prioritization, and decision making at sub-national and it is a part of decentralisation reform by Royal Government of Cambodia. Under the support of the Australian Government through the Australia-Cambodia Cooperation for Equitable Sustainable Services (ACCESS) Program, the inclusive Commune Investment Plan (CIP) is one of the key interventions UNDP and CDPO have actioned to ensure the needs of persons with disabilities are well reflected in each commune’s budget. It is critical that the needs of persons with disabilities at the community level are recognized in every part of the budget development. To accomplish this, persons with disabilities need to be engaged in all processes of commune investment plan development as they know best what they need, and what would help them to exercise their rights to the fullest extent.

With the support of the Australian Government through the ACCESS Program, UNDP, in coordination with the Disability Action Council (DAC) Secretariat, organised a reflection workshop on 2 February 2020, on the Inclusive Commune Investment Plan.

The purpose of this workshop was to reflect on the progress and challenges of project implementation “Joint Programme to Promote Disability Inclusion and Quality Services for Gender Based Violence(GBV) Victims”   – by looking at lessons learnt, positive impacts of the project; exploring effective mechanisms to improve the Commune Investment Plan (CIP) budgets and ensuring its development process is disability-inclusive.

Ms. Elizabeth Adler, Second Secretary of the Australian Embassy to Cambodia stated in her welcoming remarks that to ensure that the commune investment is more inclusive, we would recommend increasing public awareness and addressing concerns and issues of accessibility. “Disability inclusion is central to all areas of our international development agenda.” she added.

H.E. Em Chan Makara, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation (MoSVY) and Secretary-General of the DAC Secretariat gave the opening remarks in which he appreciated the Australian Government for its immense contribution to the development in the disability sector in Cambodia and stated, “Without this support and the support from commune levels, and persons with disabilities, this disability section would not have been developed.” He reiterated Ms. Elizabeth Adler’s point and said that raising public awareness and addressing issues of accessibility are essential towards disability inclusion.

UNDP is one of the 14 Implementing Partners funded through the ACCESS Program and working in partnership with DAC, in coordination with the line-ministries at the national and sub-national levels, the Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs) and NGOs, to contribute to the implementation of the National Disability Strategic Plan (NDSP2 2019-2023).