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During his childhood, Mr Phan Sopheap experienced discrimination and bullying due to his physical disability as the result of polio. Sometimes other kids made fun of him and imitated his gait. Despite initially being discouraged from staying in school, he persisted with his education and ultimately graduated with a bachelor’s degree in IT. (more…)

“When I first commenced my role here as Head of Women with Disabilities Forum (WWDF) I was afraid that I would not have the courage I needed to effectively carry out this crucial role. What I have achieved now is far beyond my wildest expectations and I am so happy that being restricted to a wheel chair has not stopped my passion, commitment and drive to support all women with disabilities.” Mrs. Sieng Sokchan commented when meeting with ACCESS [...]

Did you KNOW? Gender inequality – including unequal participation in decision making – is a root cause of violence against women. Take turns, respect each other and use joint decision-making methods. This promotes healthy harmonious relationships.

In Cambodia, over 26 per cent of men and over 50 per cent of women think that violence is ok for at least one of six reasons. Survivors of gender-based violence are NOT RESPONSIBLE for the violence perpetrated against them. We must stand up for the right of women to live a life free from violence.

Gender inequality - 4 December 2020

Poverty, illiteracy, and alcohol abuse are not the cause of violence. Join us to stop violence against women.